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  • Giovanni Gallavotti: The Elements of Mechanics, (pdf, version 1.4) 594 pag., 6.1 Mb, (djvu version 1.2) 4.2 Mb, Preface & Index, II English edition, Copyright with the Author, freely downloadable. Please point out errors (the book has been converted into a file from an electronic scan). This is version 1.3 (pdf), 1.2 (djvu).


  • Giuseppe Benfatto On the ultraviolet problem for the 2D weakly interacting Fermi gas FM 21-08, mp_arc 08-157 Sommario

  • Pedro L. Garrido, Giovanni Gallavotti Pendulum Integration and Elliptic Functions, FM 20-08, arxiv:0812.2402, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giuseppe Benfatto, Pierluigi Falco, Vieri Mastropietro Extended scaling relations for planar lattice model , FM 19-08, arXiv:0811.3218 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro The 2D Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice , FM 18-08, arXiv:0811.1881 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Robert Seiringer The ground state energy of the weakly interacting Bose gas at high density , FM 17-08, arXiv:0811.1166 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Joel L. Lebowitz, Elliott H. Lieb Pattern formation in systems with competing interactions , FM 16-08 Sommario. To appear in the AIP conference proceedings of the 10th Granada Seminar on Computational Physics, Sept. 15-19, 2008.

  • Giovanni Gallavotti On Thermostats: Isokinetic or Hamiltonian? finite or infinite?, FM 15-08, arxiv:0810.1510 Sommario, and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Thermostats, chaos and Onsager reciprocity, FM 14-08, arxiv:0809.216 Sommario, and Sorgente

  • Michele V. Bartuccelli, Jonathan H.B. Deane, and Guido Gentile Frequency locking in the injection-locked frequency divider equation, FM 13-08, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Livia Corsi and Guido Gentile Melnikov theory to all orders and Puiseux series for subharmonic solutions, FM 12-08, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti (2008) Fluctuations. (Scholarpedia version), 3(6):5893. (pdf-entry) and (extended version), FM 11-08, and Sorgente

  • Guido Gentile e Michela Procesi Periodic solutions for a class of nonlinear partial differential equations in higher dimension, FM 10-08, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Vieri Mastropietro Luttinger liquid fixed point for a two dimensional flat Fermi surface, FM 9-08, to appear in Physical Review B Sommario and Sorgente

  • Vieri Mastropietro Spin-Charge separation for a two dimensional flat Fermi surface, FM 8-08, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Alessandro Giuliani Long range order for lattice dipoles, FM 7-08, arXiv:0803.3576 Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Ordine, disordine, informazione, FM 6-08, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Fluidodinamica: i nuovi aspetti, FM 5-08, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Fluctuation Theorem and Chaos, FM 4-08, arxiv: 0802.3694 Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti (2008) Fluctuation theorem. Scholarpedia, 3(2):5904.
    Copies in FM 3-08, FT ,(entry) Sorgente

  • Albert Fathi, Alessandro Giuliani and Alfonso Sorrentino Uniqueness of Invariant Lagrangian Graphs in a Homology or a Cohomology Class , FM 2-08, mp_arc:08-18, arXiv:0801.3568 Sommario, e Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti (2008) Chaotic hypothesis. Scholarpedia, 3(1):5906.
    Copies in FM 1-08, CH ,(entry) Sorgente and sub-page TE (entry) Sorgente

  • Sui precari (tali solo in Italia e grazie a quanti
    organizzano cordate, dette anche voti di scambio,
    di "yes men")
    Una lettera dall'estero (5 Ott 2007).

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